Orthotics For Knee Pain?

"In recent years I've had occasional pain on the inside of my right knee.  Since I began to wear Othaheel Orthotic Inserts this pain has gone away.  Have the inserts helped my knee pain?"

There are many causes for knee pain.  First you must determine there are no serious problems such torn cartilage or tendons.  Inflammation can also cause pain and are usually considered to be arthritis or tendonitisAccording to Australian Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli knee pain is commonly caused by flattening of the foot's arch.  This is called excess pronation (rolling over of the foot) and causes the lower leg (tibia & fibula) to rotate inward. This puts excessive force on the knee cap and over time it will weaken the muscles and ligaments in the knee joint.  Often, a slight grinding sensation is experienced in the knee, combined with pain. In this Knee Pain Video  he demonstrates how this process takes place and how to correct it with proper othotic support.

In cases where this is the issue a good Orthotic insert or Orthotic sandal can correct the pronation and  reduce the stress on your knees.  Over time your painful symptoms should subside as well.  If orthotics are going to work, customers will usually notice results within the first few weeks of wearing them.  The initial break in period is about a week to 10 days where your feet adjust to wearing them.  During this time you may want to start out wearing them for only a few hours at a time.  D-Med Inc. offers a full 90 day satisfaction guarantee, so that will give you more than enough time to see if orthotics will help with your foot problems.

There are several different types of orthotic inserts to choose from as well as several sandals and flip flops.  Each is designed to work best with whatever shoe or activity for which you want to use them.

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Orthotics For KneePain

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